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Goat Tying School

March 19-20, 2022


Goat Tying School is 2 days of training with Timber Kelly. During this school, students will be focusing on foundational ground work and confidence building, for faster get-offs, quicker hands, and developing skills for faster times. The minimum age to attend this school is 8 years old.

Spoon Creek proudly partners with Wyoming native, Timber Kelly, Vegas Tuffest Fast Time 6.3 & 2nd Overall, Patriot Goat Tying Top 5, Rising Stars Goat Tying Top 5, 2017 NHSRA Top 5, 2017 IFYR Top 10, and numerous NIRA Short Round qualifications, to bring you this event, providing an exclusive opportunity for 12 students to experience instruction from one of the best.

In addition, Timber embraces the importance of emulating Christ's love both in the arena and out of the arena. She teaches the love of Christ and shares that with her students.



Supper is provided on Saturday. Attendees are responsible for all other meals.

Attendees are responsible for making their own overnight arrangements. There is plenty of space for trailer parking on site, generators welcome. Hotels available in Osawatomie (12M), Ottawa (15M), and Paola (15M).


Location & Check-In

VCrossK Family Arena

4468 Jackson Rd, Rantoul, KS 66079

Check-In begins at 8:00am on Saturday

Cost Breakdown

Total Cost: $250

Included in the above cost

Registration fee: $100

Scholarships are available to assist youth up to 18 years old, who want to come to this event but do not have the financial resources available to do so. Please fill out the scholarship application within the registration form if you would like to be considered for available scholarships. 

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